In September of 2018, Lois was ordained and became Pastor Lois Graper at TULP. Congratulations!

Talks began with Trinity Lutheran Church in Birnamwood in late 2019 about joining TULP. They had been in between pastors for awhile and currently had one that lead worship on Communion Sundays and used lay leaders on the others. By vote at congregational meetings, Peace, St. John and Elias all voted to accept Trinity into the TULP church family. March 2020 began our relationship with Trinity.

St. Paul’s, Aniwa pastor was retiring near the end of 2021, so they contacted us about joining TULP. After the other four churches voted at congregational meetings, St. Paul’s officially joined TULP in October of 2021. The transition has gone well.

On July 30, 2023, we said goodbye to Pastor Lois Graper, who decided it was time to retire to spend more time at the lake and with her grandkids. We wish her the best! 

On September 24, 2023 St. John’s Lutheran Church in Leopolis held its final worship service.  After 133 years, the church had decided it was time to close its doors. Members were transferred to Peace Lutheran in Tilleda.

We look forward to a time of renewal as we have passed the first 15 years as a joint ministry. The United Lutheran Parish looks quite different than it did 15 years ago, but it still remains a shared ministry of the three congregations that remain. We are looking to the future and considering new ways to offer specialized programs for our congregations, and will continue to support and nourish our shut-in and elderly population, our youth, and the “unchurched”. We will also strive to meet the needs of our changing congregations. Change is not new to us, and we realize that no matter what changes come upon us, the one steadfast and certain thing is that Our Lord is there for us – always! And His love will carry us through these times of change and we will emerge strong and faithful in His name. The Lord has indeed blessed us, and we pray for continued strength and guidance as we continue to fulfill our mission.