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The Confirmation program for The United Lutheran Parish begins in September of each year and runs into May.  Youth entering the program (usually grade 7) must attend the "Kick-off" and registration with a parent prior to the beginning of classes to register and receive necessary materials.  A copy of the Confirmation Student Handbook is given to each student, and a copy is also available below to download.  Class times, topics, information on Confirmation projects, and more is in this handbook.  Over the two years, the student must complete one individual project and one group project as directed in the handbook.  These projects must be approved by the Pastor before being done.  Confirmation will be held the 3rd week in June each year, unless another date has been decided on by the group - this allows time for students to complete any missing work after the last class in May.  If a student wants to check their progress, there is a link to Attendance Report, which shows which lessons have been completed and which lessons they still need, as well as the progress of their Projects and worship attendance.

Parent involvement is highly encouraged from the beginning.  Each class will have a minimum of 2 adults present.  Parents will be assigned weeks when they are responsible to provide the second adult. 


Confirmation Student  Manual                 Classes will begin late November 2017 after Thanksgiving. Watch for more details.                          


 Confirmation Schedule                                                  


Attendance Report