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Welcome to our Web Site.  Feel free to browse around and check out anything that might interest you.  Our worship times are located on the home page along with information about who and what The United Lutheran Parish is.  We are a cooperative ministry of 4 small ELCA congregations in Western Shawano County Wisconsin.  You are invited to come and worship with us at any of our 4 congregational sites.


WHAT IS CHRISTIANITY?Christianity, at its core, is a way of living and believing that understands the life story and teachings of Jesus Christ (hence Christianity) as revelatory of the nature of God.  Further, Christians accept that Jesus Christ was (and is) God personified.  Along with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit, God the Son (Jesus Christ) make up the three persons of the Trinity.  While Christian denominations vary greatly, all Christian churches seek to follow the lives that reflect the Gospel message, as they understand it. 


WHAT IS A LUTHERAN? :Some Brief Definitions for Christianity and Lutheranism 

                                       Who is Jesus Christ?

                                          What is the Church?

                                              Why a Lutheran church? ....... < CLICK HERE FOR "What is a Lutheran">

                      WHAT IS THE ELCA? :  Confession of Faith of the  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Here follows the official text as it appears in the Constitution of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America <CLICK HERE FOR more on the ELCA>

WHAT MINISTRIES DO WE OFFER? : There are some ministries that are parish-wide, and other that are available through individual congregations. <CLICK FOR A LIST OF OUR CHURCH MINISTRIES>

WHERE ARE WE LOCATED?: The United Lutheran Parish has a central office located in Tilleda, Wisconsin.  Our 4 congregations are located in Tilleda, Leopolis, Town of Hermann, and Tigerton.  The pastoral team works primarily out of the central office along with an office manager.  If you wish to reach the Pastors, call the central office and they will be able to help you. <CLICK FOR OUR LOCATIONS>

UPCOMING EVENTS: Some of our upcoming events are listed on the home page.  You can also check each congregation's link for events at that specific congregation.  Our newsletter also lists monthly upcoming events.  <CLICK FOR OUR CHURCH EVENTS CALENDAR>