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Visits to the shut-ins and those in nursing homes are currently being shared between Pastor Dennis and several lay people from different congregations.  Pastor Dennis visits each shut-in every 3 months.  On the months he does not visit them, lay people have been instructed on how to share communion with these people and also given ideas on how to visit with them.  We are always looking for more people to help share the ministry of lay visitation, and training and sharing of ideas is happily provided.  Many of those who currently share the visitation have expressed the feeling of joy in sharing the wonderful gift from our Lord with those unable to attend worship. The person being visited is not the only recipient of God's Love - those sharing this gift are also blessed.  Call the Pastor or the TULP office if you think you would like to experience and share this gift with others.





The United Lutheran Parish is developing a Friendship Ministry with the help of Lay Leader, Lois Graper.


This group will meet with Lois to develop a plan for calling each family of their congregation and asking simple questions. They will not be asking for donations or for people to help with a project. It is a friendly call just to make a connection from the congregation to their members and to let them know that the church is there for them.


It is desired to have at least one, hopefully more, members  from each congregation to call the other members in that congregation.  Phone numbers and names and addresses will be provided. If you are able to make a few phone calls to fellow members of your congregation, contact Lois or come to the meetings being held on August 18th at 2pm and again at 6pm (for those who cannot come earlier). These meetings will be held at the TULP Office in Tilleda. If you call the TULP office at 715-787-3367 to let them know you will be coming, it would be appreciated, but not absolutely necessary.