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The United Lutheran Parish (A cooperative ministry of the following ELCA congregations:  Elias, Town of Herman – Peace, Tilleda – St Johns, Leopolis – St Matthews, Bowler – Zion, Tigerton)



      •    to search our hearts in prayer and bible study
      •    to search for hearts of God
      •    to reach people with fun activities while providing spiritual support for the otherwise unreachable
      •    to spread the Gospel of our Lord and provide a way for all communities of faith to interact together in the United Lutheran Parish
      •         congregations
      •    to touch the hearts of those who may have lost their way


The group currently will be meeting quarterly at the TULP office in Tilleda.  Prayer concerns are shared followed by the opening prayer and devotions.  The upcoming project is assembled and distributed to the participating congregations. On the designated Sunday, each member of the congregation is given 2 of the items assembled – one to keep and one to give to someone who was not present in hopes of encouraging them and giving them spiritual support.  Discussion on any new ideas that would meet our objectives are shared.  Assignments are made for the next project.  Meeting closes with prayer.


Some examples of past projects are:


  • Gospel Popcorn – a bag of microwave popcorn along with scripture notes
  • Sweets for the Soul – Wrapped chocolate candies along with scripture notes
  • Gospel Seeds – packets of wildflower seeds along with scripture notes
  • Blessing Cups – paper cups with tissue paper and scripture notes – before passing on, ask God to fill the cup with blessings.
  • CornerStone Gospel – decorated stones (joy, peace, love, etc.) with scripture notes
  • Prayer Books - small prayer books were distributed to everyone with prayers for many different occasions
  • Let Your Light Shine - small flashlights with Jesus is the light and the way printed on them
  • Leaves of Thanks - Each person was given a fall leaf and marker to write down something they were thankful for


Most items are donated by members of the congregations – love offerings are also taken in each congregation to help fund the purchase of needed items.  Positive feedback from the congregations indicates that people enjoy this and most congregations have seen new faces at worship that they attribute to Project Heart Search.


Most recent project    You are forgiven