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Jesus Christ was a Jewish rabbi that lived in what is now Israel from 0 AD to approximately 33 AD.  His life and teachings are recorded in the Gospels of the Holy Bible.  He was born to a virgin named Mary who was engaged to a carpenter.  He is understood to be the Son of God, both fully human and fully God.  We are told very little of his early years.  In his early 30’s, he was baptized by the Jewish prophet, John the Baptist, and began a public ministry of teaching and healing.  His public ministry offended many within the religious establishment and he was eventually put to death on a Roman cross.  Christians trust the Gospel stories which tell that he was resurrected from the dead and resides now in heaven, continuing to reach out in love, through the Holy Spirit, to all of God’s children.  We are continually inspired to follow his teachings and to spread his love to all the earth.